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Logisfashion-Sección_Corporativa_y_Social-Quienes_somos_11Logisfashion was founded in October 1996 in order to meet a latent need in logistics in Spain. There were logistics operators specialized in the management of garments in Europe, but in Spain there was no company to offer this service in a specialized and professional way. Currently we are the alternative to internationally outsource the supply chain of companies in the fashion and textile industry.Logisfashion-Sección_Corporativa_y_Social-Quienes_somos_12We offer value-added services that optimize the efficiency of logistics operations thereby saving costs and improving competitiveness.Our wide range of services allows us to carry out from the distribution operations, with items processes, order picking, stocks management and reverse logistics to operations in producing countries with order picking at origin country, through triangular operations, quality control and international and domestic transport.Currently we have a team of over 500 professionals in eight logistics centers in different countries. These eight centers equipped for handling and textile distribution, are located in Spain, Chile, Mexico, Panama, USA and China, and have a total area of more than 150.000 m2.


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