Globalization in the fashion industry is now complete, both in terms of manufacturing and the distribution process. To respond effectively to these needs, Logisfashion has developed a network of strategically located subsidiaries on each continent.

In Asia, we began operations in 2007 and we now have logistical centres in:


  • Shanghai 10.000m² (head offices)
  • Shenzhen 2.500m²
  • Guangzhou 2.000m²
  • Chengdu 2.000m²

Hong Kong, a strategic HUB

Thanks to its great strategic location, our origin hub in Hong Kong gives our clients access to several advantages in terms of receiving products from any Asian country without tariff or tax measures being applied.

It also enables us to perform Pick and Pack or Reconditioning processes at origin for shipment to any country in the world.


  • Quality control:
    • Factory inspections: China - India - Vietnam - Bangladesh
    • Quality Control Platform: Shanghai
    • Logistics services: Shanghai - Shenzhen - Guangzhou - Chengdú - Hong Kong - Ho Chi Minh
  • Consolidation of various suppliers in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Warehouse management (Pick and Pack, added-value services, etc.).
  • Global distribution directly from China and Vietnam.
  • Trading operations.

We are equipped to provide services at any stage of the supply chain process.

Logisfashion Shanghai

Meiyuan Road 228, room 606
200000 Shanghai

Tel: +86 021 6208 6913
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