Logisfashion has been operating in Colombia since 2014, providing logistical consultancy and diagnostic services for several Colombian fashion firms.

We boast a top-quality infrastructure covering an area of 7,000 m² in and outside of the Free Trade Zone, spread between Bogotá and Medellín, with our own warehouses and logistical outsourcing services.

Our logistical services in Colombia, as in our other markets, specialize in offering tailored solutions for companies in the textile, homeware, fashion, jewellery and accessories sectors, with an omnichannel approach or, in other words, logistics for retail and e-commerce, enabling the integration of the entire supply chain with a single operator.


  • Reconditioning and order preparation.
  • Customs management and shipping.
  • E-commerce.
  • Reverse Logistics.
  • In-house logisticsa.

Reconditioning and order preparation

  • Goods receipt.
  • Added-value operations: pressing, labelling, bagging, etc.
  • Operations for all equipment related to alarming/alarm removal, labelling, bagging, creating packs and packaging.
  • Stock management and added-value services.
  • Product reconditioning for the local market.
  • Order preparation for retail and restocking.
  • Packaging and shipping of goods.
  • Combined packaging systems.
  • Domestic and customs warehousing (CW-NCW).

Customs management and shipping

  • Access to free trade zones
  • Expert knowledge of the tariff and non-tariff regulation applying to the fashion sector.
  • Permanent contact with the authorities and customs agents.
  • Capillary shipping capacity.
  • Shipping and admission of international shipments. Internal transportation of shipments.
  • Tax warehouse operations.


  • In-house Pick and Put-to-Light system for multi-item order preparation.
  • Integrated solutions that ensure the product flow between the online and retail supply chain.
  • High stock reliability, greater visibility and real-time tracking.
  • Capillary distribution. Multiple shipments.
  • Quality in the delivery process.
  • Flexibility of timetables.
  • Urgent service.

Reverse logistics

The management of returned goods (reverse logistics) is one of the key aspects set to grow in importance in the future in e-commerce.

At Logisfashion, we are keenly aware of this and specialize in this area.

In-house logistics

Since setting up in Colombia, we have managed operations in the client’s facilities, taking full advantage of the investments made and the teams acquired, providing a significant reduction in costs and enhancing productivity.


Bodega Girardota


Bodega Nacional-Parque Emp. Arcos de Costa

Bodega Zona Franca Bogotá

Bodega Inhouse Almacenes Máximo

Logisfashion Funza

Km 3.3 Vía Funza Siberia
Parque Industrial Santa Lucia Bodega 16 A
Bogotá, Cundinamarca

Logisfashion Zona Franca

Carrera 106 No. 15-25
Manzana 18 Interior 121 Bodega 7
Bogotá, Colombia

Logisfashion Girardota

Autopista norte vía a Girardota,
entrada a la vereda el paraíso Bodegas San Francisco de Asís # 132-133

Medellín: +57 3508310202
Bogotá: +57 3508310200

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