We offer our clients logistics solutions wherever they are needed, supporting them in their international expansion process.

Logisfashion has been in Germany since 2017 to boost our client’s e-commerce in the north of Europe. Our centre is located in Meckenheim, in a business park near Cologne.

At Logisfashion we are fully aware of the need to have an integrated supply chain, with processes and flows that are optimised, as well as greater information and traceability which allows our clients to have total control of stock and processes in order to take the right decisions.

Focussed on tailored solutions and high added value services, optimising your operation management and costs.


In Germany as in other markets, we specialise in offering customised logistics solutions for businesses in the fashion, lifestyle, accessory, footwear, homeware, toy and electronics sectors.

  • E-commerce logistics.
  • Retail logistics.
  • Value added services.
  • Ironing and reconditioning.
  • Inverse logistics.
  • Quality control at source.
  • In-house logistics.
  • Strategic logistics consultancy.
  • National and international transport.

Logisfashion in Germany

53340 Meckenheim


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