Logisfashion obtains authorisation for Customs Warehousing and Temporary Storage Facility

8 July, 2019

Last June, Logisfashion obtained the authorisation for Temporary Storage Facility (TSF) and Customs Warehousing (CW), to fully meet the demands of its clients, fashion & lifestyle brands, both of Spanish and non-Spanish origin.
The available space, which already operates as Customs Warehousing and Temporary Storage Facility, has 12,121m2 within the 45,000m2 of the Cabanillas del Campo I centre, in the province of Guadalajara, Spain.
Maria Trabazo, who has been in charge of the project to obtain the authorisation and who is currently the Site Manager of Logisfashion Cabanillas, comments: "Obtaining TS and CW authorisation endorses us as an authorised logistics operator , allowing us to increase the efficiency of logistics procedures by offering greater flexibility and multiple cost advantages for our customers”

What is Temporary Storage Facility (TSF)?

Temporary Storage Facility consists of a centre that is authorised to receive imported goods directly from foreign countries without being submitted to Customs beforehand.
When goods enter the Customs Territory of the European Union, they must be brought to Customs and made available to them.
The increase in import operations made it impossible for the Customs Authorities to store goods from other countries within their premises. Therefore, logistics operators were authorised, complying with strict security requirements, to have these goods stored in their facilities. The Customs Authorities have full access and control, both in physical format and in computer format.

The advantages of a Temporary Storage Facility

  • Receipt of non-EU goods excluded from the customs regime.
  • Postponed payment of customs tariffs and VAT up to a maximum of 90 days.
  • Unlimited duration until the final destination is specified.
  • Reduced costs by avoiding storage in airport terminals.
  • Allowing partial withdrawals instead of the entire load.
  • Preventing a build-up in stock.
    “The TSF authorisation allows us to offer a storage service for goods coming from non-EU countries without the need to pay additional taxes, and to be able to make partial withdrawals”.

What is Customs Warehousing (CW)?

Customs Warehousing (CW) is an economic regime whereby goods from outside the EU are stored under customs control, in an authorised centre without any tax being owed and facilitating:

  • The handling of non-European goods under the customs exemption regime.
  • Savings of customs tariffs and VAT on re-export to countries outside the European Union.
  • Postponed payment of customs tariffs and VAT so long as the goods are not needed in Europe.

The main advantages of Customs Warehousing are:

  • Unlimited storage duration until the final destination.
  • Tax payment is not required.
  • Stock build-up is prevented
  • Reduced costs in port terminals.
  • Planning of partial withdrawals.
    CW is an alternative for our clients operating in international markets who need a warehouse in Spain where they can store goods from outside the EU indefinitely without any tax being charged to them”.

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