Logisfashion’s new logistics centre in Cabanillas

19 September, 2019

Logisfashion continues to grow in the region of Castilla La Mancha

The company has opened a new centre in Cabanillas del Campo measuring 22,000m2 which is added to the 22 centres that the operator has worldwide.


The new Cabanillas del Campo centre began operating in July of this year. This centre is a multi-client distribution centre, which is 80% refurbished for logistics operations for an e-commerce customer (B2C) of the youth fashion sector and 20% for customers who require logistics operations for retail (B2B).


The industrial warehouse is located at the address of Calle Larona No. 7, in sector industrial 21 of Cabanillas del Campo (Guadalajara, Spain), very close to the current centre with 45,000m2 which Logisfashion has at the address of Calle Matabueyes. This is the second centre in Cabanillas del Campo and the seventh in Spain.
The plot contains 33,349 square metres and a built surface area of 22,000 square metres.
The building of the centre consists of two distinct areas: the area intended for industrial use measuring 161 x 128.9 m which has a free storage height of 11.27m, and an office area measuring 1,120m2 (16.50 x 27.00m) distributed over three floors.
For the industrial area, the centre has an area of 24 loading and unloading bays for the entry and exit of goods, a storage area for hanging garments, folded garments and footwear, as well as an area for the storage of boxes. It also consists of a packing, classification and PTL (Put to Light) area where orders are sorted and prepared mainly for e-commerce.


Currently, the permanent team working at the centre includes 120 people, but a sharp increase in the workforce is being prepared due to the Black Friday and Christmas campaigns, reaching 825 people in 3 shifts.


This new Logisfashion Cabanillas Il centre has LEED Silver Certification. This certification promotes the use of alternative energies, the improvement of inner environmental quality and the efficiency of water consumption, due to which LOGISFASHION, as a environmentally conscious company, has obtained a Solar Photovoltaic Installation for self-consumption in order to minimise any environmental impact as the result of its activity.

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