Our Core Business: Logistics specialised in fashion (retail & e-commerce)

4 June, 2019

Let’s take a look at our history ...

Spain is a country with a very good track record in the fashion industry and has some of the most internationally recognised fashion brands.
The development of the sector has been relentless and this still holds true. In the 90’s, these fashion companies began to see the increasing need for global logistics services (production in Asia) specifically catered to their products.
In Europe, logistics operators specialised in the management and handling of clothing and fabrics already existed. However, in Spain, there was still no company that offered this type of service adapted to fit this sector. That niche market was the spark that gave life to Logisfashion...

“At Logisfashion, our specialisation in fashion logistics is our most powerful weapon.”

Logisfashion found that the competition was high but not very flexible. Our competitive advantage was to understand that in the world of great big logistic behemoths, our role was to take advantage of a niche market that was not being addressed in Spain and offer a very tailor-made service for a very important sector: fashion.
We never would have imagined that the final master's degree project of 3 boys at IESE, with no experience at all, would, 23 years later, become a logistics multinational and one of the first Spanish companies to devote itself exclusively to textile and fashion logistics.
Thanks to our agreement with the English company Advanced Processing, we took our first steps down the road to success. We became their partners; they contributed the know-how and we contributed our knowledge of the market and business contacts.
The clients, large textile companies, began to have more complex work and in many cases, they relied on outsourcing part of their supply chain in order to offer a high-quality service and dedicate themselves to their core business. Therefore, our efforts were focused on developing our processes, investing in technology, and developing our own WMS (warehouse management system): Thus, Logis XP and LogisCore were created to effectively meet the needs of our customers, with the aim of being so much more than a supplier to them, but rather their strategic partners.
Since 1996, Logisfashion has continued to rely on what sets us apart from comprehensive logistics companies, on our expertise and specialisation, but always looking towards the future, always seeking out new solutions and processes, being committed to innovation and continuous improvement.

We know it is where we can make a difference and what will allow us to fully understand the needs of our business companions, offering them a flexible and customised service.

Although our specialisation is and will remain to be the essence of Logisfashion, in recent years, thanks to e-commerce, we have expanded its scope, progressing from a strictly fashion-oriented concept to the more open lifestyle that also encompasses other types of items such as glasses, watches, jewelry, accessories, costumes and the home.
The growth of e-commerce has allowed us to develop and adapt our processes and services to the needs of customers, our customers, that is to say, "digitally influenced" consumers who demand products 24 hours a day.