Our broad range of services enable us to carry out effective distribution operations at destination, including garment processing, picking, stock management and reverse logistics, right through to operations in the producing countries with picking at origin, as well as triangular operations, quality control and national and international shipping.

Logistics for the
fashion industry

(Accesories, footwear and beauty)

The extensive range of logistics operations that we specialize in encompass a broad selection of services for the textile industry and the different fashion-related companies (accessories, footwear), from receipt of the material right through to its final distribution:

  • Goods receipts: Containers, pallets, crates, folded and hung garments, and accessories.
  • Quality Control at destination.


  • Processing garments: sewing repairs, hanging, automated tunnel pressing and polybag.
  • GOH handling.
  • Operations for all equipment related to alarming/alarm removal, labelling, bagging, creating packs and packaging.
  • Management of incoming goods and stock location using RF.
  • Product reconditioning for the local market.


  • Order preparation for retail (initial collections) and restocking.
  • Packing and shipping of goods.
  • Combined packaging systems.
  • Delivery operations to department stores.
  • Domestic and customs warehousing (CW-NCW).
  • Special protection systems for valuable products (jewellery, glasses, watches, handbags).

Reverse logistics

  • Management and processing of returned goods.
  • Verification of the amount of returned goods coming from stores/retailers and returned e-commerce purchases.
  • Classification of items by model, size, etc.
  • Product recovery and conditioning operations.

E-commerce logistics

All Logisfashions processes have been equipped with cutting-edge technology in order to satisfy our clients’ operational needs and the demanding shopping habits that characterize the sector today, offering customized and flexible services for e-commerce, embracing the fact that people now shop 24 hours a day, 365 days year.

Our streamlined e-commerce service is used by a broad range of companies (from startups to multinationals) within the fashion and lifestyle sector (clothing, accessories, footwear, lingerie, homeware, sports, fancy dress, jewellery and beauty).

  • In-house Pick-Put to light system for multi-item order preparation.
  • Order preparation designed for picking low-unit orders.
  • Integrated solutions that ensure the product flow between the online and retail supply chain.
  • High stock reliability, greater visibility and real-time tracking.
  • Capillary distribution. Multiple shipments.
  • Traceability of all the logistical processes.
  • Tracking systems, customer service, etc.
  • Integration of WMS – ERP systems, Field Technologies.
  • Flexibility in terms of deliveries, timetables and special services at an international level.

Quality control

This essential service also encompasses production control at origin at the client’s request, and can be provided both in the producing countries or in our distribution centres in the destination countries.

  • Auditing and support at all times, taking into account the legal and social requirements in each country.
  • Our Quality Control inspectors have extensive experience in the manufacture of clothing, footwear and accessories.
  • Supply control and management of supply issues.
  • Validation of prototypes and samples.
  • Production line inspections, final verification and platform inspections.
  • Product testing: wash test, drying test, wear and tear testing, laboratory tests (composition analysis), testing elasticity, zips, buttons, etc.
  • Rejected product management: repairs, destruction, etc.
  • Product repair and conditioning: stains, labelling, pressing.

Logistics consultancy

As well as our wealth of experience, the services we provide are underpinned by new concepts and multidisciplinary teams, with experts in systems, IT and, above all, logistics.

With this in mind, we give our clients access to a customized consultancy and advisory service.

In this respect, Logisfashion conducts a personalized study tailored to the specific needs of each client, evaluating their processes, optimizing and improving the efficiency of their warehouse management systems.

"We specialize in high added-value solutions that optimize the efficiency of your logistics operations, cutting costs and enhancing competitiveness"

In-house logistics

Logisfashion gives clients the option of managing logistics operations in their own facilities to take full advantage of the capacity installed and the investments made, as well as the teams acquired.

This enables us to provide our technology, knowledge, experience and knowhow, as well as the flexibility that our clients need.


Shipping at origin and destination, customs management (CW and NCW), less-than-load and full containers.

Brokerage in import-export operations with the capacity to offer global services (EUROPE-ASIA-THE AMERICAS).

  • National and international shipping.
  • Full loads: We provide full-load services (import-export).
  • Less-than-load: We coordinate shipments of small loads, packets, pallet loads and any other types of packaging and size.
  • International air shipping: Thanks to the agreements that we have in place with the leading airlines.
  • Sea shipping: We provide both FLC (full-load container) and LCL (less-than-container load) to and from all international ports.

Global presence

Our company boasts a team of more than 1.000 professionals working in 22 logistical centres in different countries. Equipped for textile processing and distribution, these 22 centres are located in Spain, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, the USA, China and Vietnam, covering a total area of 340.000 m².