Casos de éxito

Effectively achieving an omnichannel shopping experience

Initial situation:

Tous is a leading Spanish jewellery, accessory and fashion company founded in 1920. The company has positioned itself with a style of jewellery based on the fashion jewellery concept, currently boasting more than 400 stores in 45 countries. Within the framework of its international expansion strategy in Latin America and the USA, in 2015, the company signed a long-term partnership agreement with Logisfashion for the management of its e-commerce Logistics operations at an international, with the aim of recreating the store shopping experience in an online environment.


After a thorough analysis of the situation, Logisfashion put forward and implemented a tailored logistical service for TOUS with integrated management of its and Logisfashion’s technological systems. With a strong focus not only on the type of customer and product (jewellery, handbags, high-value and low output accessories) but also on adapting its warehousing systems to the needs of the market (Mexico and the USA initially) and the client (high security, special personalized packaging, daily stock alignment between the website and warehouse, etc.), providing a high added-value service with complete traceability for the client throughout the entire operation, real-time information on the process and greater control for effective decision-making.