The Canary Islands according to Logisfashion

22 March, 2019

Logisfashion and LastSmile, an e-commerce logistics operator in the Canary Islands, have signed an agreement to facilitate and increase logistics operations on the islands for domestic and international companies specialised in fashion.

The tax regime and distance of the islands are barriers that result in only a little more than 40% of companies being able to ship to the Canary Islands.

The online sales in the Canary Islands, despite growing above the national average and increasing its turnover in the last 6 years almost 4-fold, is still far from where it "should" be, burdened by the low volume of physical transactions of products.

The alliance between these two companies focuses on operating locally to enhance the logistics operations of fashion brands on the islands, reducing their logistics costs, improving delivery times and optimising the management of returns.

Thus, we can bring stocks closer to Canarian consumers and to the millions of tourists who visit the islands each year, offering them proximity, which will mean reduced shipping costs, better delivery times and above all (something key to online business) quickly revitalising return stocks, reducing inventory needs and minimising their financial cost.

The Canary Islands is therefore connected to the network of domestic and international HUBS that Logisfashion offers in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

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