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Logisfashion has been operating in the eastern United States since 2015 with a 3,000 m² logistical centre in Miami.

At Logisfashion Miami, we are optimally equipped to undertake in-house logistical operations, consultancy services and, of course, our core activity: managing the logistics of European and Latin American fashion retailers striving to internationalize and expand into North America.

From the consolidation of the product to be marketed in the Americas to significant cost reductions, not only in terms of taxes and tariffs but also shorter distribution times, making it the optimal location for e-commerce throughout Latin America.

Our logistical services in the United States, as in our other markets, specialize in offering tailored solutions for companies in the textile, homeware, fashion, jewellery and accessories sectors, with an omnichannel approach or, in other words, logistics for retail and e-commerce, enabling the integration of the entire supply chain with a single operator.


  • Reconditioning and order preparation.
  • E-commerce.
  • Reverse Logistics.
  • In-house logistics.
  • Shipping.

Reconditioning and order preparation

  • Added-value operations: labelling, alarming, bagging, pack assembly, packing, etc.
  • Warehousing and real-time stock tracking.
  • Product reconditioning adapted for the local market.
  • Order preparation for new season and restocking.
  • Order preparation for department stores.
  • Consolidation of goods.
  • Combined packaging systems.
  • Capillary distribution.


  • In-house Pick and Put-to-Light system for multi-item order preparation (In-house Pick and Put-to-Light system).
  • Integrated communication solutions with the client that ensure the product flow between the supply chain and its online availability, ensuring the high reliability of available stock and real-time tracking.
  • Flexibility of timetables and high capacity to adjust resources to demand (Black Friday, sales, special promotions).

Reverse logistics

Reverse Logistics is an essential service in the fashion sector. At Logisfashion, we are keenly aware of this and specialize in managing this area.

We manage goods returns (retail, e-commerce and department stores), verification of product condition, classification, recovery and return to available stock.

In-house logistics

Our experienced project and operations team design operations that ensure greater productivity and efficiency in the processes right through to installation at the client’s facilities. We enable cost variability by managing the operation from the client’s premises, providing our expertise and know-how, taking full advantage of the investments made and the teams in place.


  • National and international shipping (air and sea).
  • We provide the optimal solution adapted to the corresponding sales channel (e-commerce, retail and department stores).
  • Status tracking.

Logisfashion Miami

2323 NW 82nd Ave
Miami FL 33122
Florida, USA

E-mail: ​usa@logisfashion.com

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