Logisfashion announces the strategic alliance with KLING in the SIL 2013

15 junio, 2013

Logisfashion, the logistics operator specialized in the industry of fashion and textiles, was present as an exhibitor and speaker at the latest edition of SIL in Barcelona.

Juan Manzanedo, Logisfashion CEO, was one of the speakers at the 2nd Symposium Textile SIL which took place during the event, to present the strategic alliance between the logistics operator and the fashion brand KLING.

Logisfashion_News-Alianza_con_KLING_en_SIL_2013June 2013- Logisfashion, first logistics operator specialized in textile and fashion industry in Spain, has been exhibitor at the 15th edition of the SIL, the International Logistics Salon, which took place in Barcelona on 18, 19 and 20 June.

The company has had a prominent place in the event with Juan Manzanedo’s presentation during SIL Textile Symposium. In the presentation, Logisfashion CEO has announced with Papo Kling, founder of Kling, the strategic alliance the womenswear brand has signed with Logisfashion. With this agreement, Logisfashion provides a flexible structure to globally expand the brand KLING, while leading to a significant tax savings for the fashion brand.

In a medium-term future, KLING will send from Asia all products directly to European distributor, which represents a saving of about 250,000 per year in funding from VAT. KLING currently has over 400 points of sale in Spain, France and Ireland, and is also a pioneer in online sales being present worldwide.