Logisfashion focuses 2013 on technology and expansion

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Logisfashion grows in 2013 thanks to its international expansion. Currently the company operates in Mexico, China and Chile, but does not discard to extend to other countries.

 The investment in technology has been one of the main factors to continue to lead the industry.

Logisfashion-Logo_448x113January 2014 - The first logistics operator in fashion, Logisfashion, closes 2013 with more than 14.6 milion euros of turnover, 60% of which corresponds to the activity developed in Spain. This revenue represents an increase compared to 2012, largely due to the significant increase of the activity in Mexico and China, where Logisfashion has logistics and storage facilities.

While growth in Spain has been 5%, with 9.5M € of turnover, the growth in China has been 22%, with a turnover of 1.3 million euros, and Mexico has slightly exceeded 60% with a turnover of almost 3 million euros. The total revenue growth globally has been 12%, while EBITDA growth over the previous year was 46%.

In 2013 Logisfashion was awarded with the logistics management for some new customers as Kling, MBT, El Ganso, Chaps, Express, and has developed inhouse projects (at the customer’s) which has allowed the company to settle in Guadalajara (Mexico).

Also, during 2013 Logisfashion exponentially increased e-commerce projects and its specialized division now already accounts for 30% of turnover in Spain, with customers as Amazon Buy Vip, Tupeluencasa or FCB. Beyond the growth of this division, and in order to meet and serve e-commerce customers, Logisfashion has invested in the implementation of an automated distribution of orders, Put to Light, with capacity for 10,000 orders per day in its facility in Cabanillas del Campo. Another of the investments made in 2013 in relation to the technology has been the launch of a new computer system 100% in the cloud, allowing the connection in real time from all its warehouses.

Among its objectives for 2014, Juan Manzanedo, Logisfashion’s CEO says: "We keep on betting for Latin America with an estimated growth of 20% for Mexico. In Spain we are anticipating growth below 10% and we believe that we should strive to consolidate around the leading companies, though it is increasingly important the access to technology that allow economies of scale. Therefore, we are open to corporate operations that allow us more significant growth. On the other hand, we expect significant growth in Inhouse projects, such as the ones we have in Guadalajara, Mexico, which is managing the customer's warehouse."