The fashion brand El Ganso trusts its garments to Logisfashion for the logistics manangement

15 septiembre, 2013

Logisfashion_News-Acuerdo_con_El_GansoSeptember 2013 - Last August, el Ganso and Logisfashion entered into an agreement to manage logistics operations of one of the fastest growing and most international fashion brands.

By this agreement, Logisfashion will held most of the operations of receiving, keeping, handling (ironing, laminating, labeling) and preparation of orders to stores in relation to the garments from the fashion company. Thus, Logisfashion becomes the technological and logistical partner of the brand of clothing and accessories, offering improved efficiency of its logistics services in the country, resulting in cost savings and improved replenishment times product to its stores.

This collaboration between the two companies is also expected to expand to logistics services for stores and orders in Mexico, since Logisfashion operates in the Mexican market since 2007, serving top European firms. Meanwhile, the firm El Ganso plans to expansion there with the opening of 20 new stores in the next four years.